Chattanooga Gas

Chattanooga gas was established in the 1890 and is currently one of the premier suppliers of natural gas in Southeast Tennessee. The company delivers around 20 billion cubic feet of gas per year. Chattanooga gas is a subsidiary of AGL Resources, which is one of the Fortune 1000 energy services holding company.

The demand for natural gas continues to steadily build up. And the primary reason is that it is one of the cheapest sources of fuel available in the market. Gas is mainly used for running heating equipments during winter and when compared to electric heaters, gas heaters stand out for their energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Natural gas is also much more environment friendly compared to other fossil fuels.

How to Get Chattanooga Gas

If you are interested in getting a Gas Connection from Chattanooga, you have to first ensure that their service is available in your area. You can confirm at or by calling their contact center at 1-866-643-4168 or email them at You will have to set up some appliances to get up and running with natural gas in your home. But if you currently use propane, then you can call up a qualified professional to help you convert your propane appliances to be compatible for natural gas.

Energy Assistance

Chattanooga Gas provides various assistance programs for households who find it difficult to meet their energy bills. LIHEAP is a government backed program which can help families from low income households to pay their gas bills, You can find the all details at ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions is another such program. Contacting the respective agencies can provide you with information to determine if you can qualify for energy assistance.

How to Pay For Your Chattanooga Gas Bills

There are many ways to pay your gas bills with Chattanooga:

  • AutoDraft: In this plan, your gas bills are automatically paid off from your bank account. You simply have to fill in the application and mail it to the company to enroll in this plan.
  • Budget Payment Plan: Using this plan ensures that you are charged a consistent bill for a term of 12 months. This option is very suited for people who are budget conscious.
  • Online: You can use your bank account, debit or credit cards and make payments online. You will also have access to your account history.
  • Phone: You may also pay by phone through Western Union Speedway. You can either call or use the texting facility to make your payments.

Most households have already converted to natural gas, either for their heating systems or for other purposes. And many continue to convert. The incredible savings in heating costs aside, natural gas emits lower carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to electric heating systems. So, if you are currently using electricity to power your heating equipments, you might want to reconsider converting to gas. And given the long history and reliability of Chattanooga Gas, you may want to check on them to see if their service is available in your area.

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