Florida City Gas

Florida City Gas History

Florida Gas was first founded in 1946 serving Dade County only. Since then they have expanded to around 101,000 customers both residential and commercial.  Their main source of business comes from selling natural gas but they also offer other services and products related to energy.  Their parent company is AGL Resources; they have become a household name distributing natural gas to people all over the nation see at www.floridacitygas.com.

Benefits to Switching to Natural Gas

If you think that all gas is the same, you are very much mistaken. Benefits to switching your gas to a natural supply and having natural gas appliances in your home include being environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint, more efficient and fast water heating and even your clothes will dry at a faster rate. Because it is a sustainable energy source you will not have the worry of changing over when the limited supply of fossil fuel runs out. There is bound to be panic to switch when this occurs and prices will no doubt go through the roof for new customers.

Residential Customer supply

FCG supply natural gas to residents living in the covered areas. If you already have an existing pipeline for natural gas you can save money on appliances for your home to help with the transitional cost. You can save anything up to $1750 just by choosing to supply your home with a natural safer and cheaper energy source.  If the pipeline to your home has not been active for 12 months you can save even more.  You can find out more about the rebates here. or at www.floridacitygas.com.

Why not take the energy savings quiz to see just how economical you are with your fuel and of course how you can make savings on your bills.

Business Customer supply

If you own your own business and are thinking of making the change you can benefit in the same way that residential customers do.  FCG offer rebates on lots of equipment including air conditioning, engine technologies and even commercial natural gas vehicles.  In addition to the savings you can make, it is highly desirable to be seen as a company that is doing its bit for the environment.

How to get a Natural Gas Supply before, or during construction. They have a development program in place for people who are wishing to start up or expand their existing company in the areas we cover. To find out whether you are in the coverage area check online.

Making it easier for Customers to stay in Control of their Account

We know that it can be hard for people who work unsociable hours to get in touch via office hours if they have a query. We are proud to offer a variety of ways potential, existing and new customers can get in touch around the clock.  You can view your bill, pay, input your meter readings and start or stop your service at the click of a button.

Contact Details

To get in touch with an FCG sales team member you can:

Call: 1-866-399-9775

Email: ccare@aglresources.com

Or fax: 1-800-367-4947.

Website www.floridacitygas.com

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